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About EISA

The Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA) mandates that a broad range of general purpose motors now must meet higher energy efficiency standards.  

EPAct motors must upgrade to NEMA Premium Efficiency standards and a many previously exempt motors must now upgrade to EPAct.


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How does EISA Affect Me?

EISA affects the vast majority of general-purpose motors and will have a major impact on everyone from plant and facility managers to motor techs on the floor. 

The Motor Specialist is here to help you sort through the details and provide you with the tools to make the best decisions for your upgrade to NEMA Premium efficiency motors. 

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NEMA Premium Suppliers

Motion Industries has teamed with US Motors & Baldor, two of the most respected motor manufacturers in the industry, to provide you with the best NEMA Premium efficiency motors available.

Learn how these suppliers have set the standards for premium efficient motor design & engineering.

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EISA Answers

The EISA legislation has created a lot of questions.  The Motor Specialist is here to cut through the confusion and provide you with answers. 

With tools like the Premium Efficiency Motor Upgrade tool, the Rebate Center & Motor Efficiency Audits, you can find the answers you need. 

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Repair or Replace

With the average NEMA Premium efficiency motor costing 15 – 30% more than standard motors, EISA has made the “repair or replace” all the more prominent. 

The Motor Specialist has outlined some key considerations for facilities facing this problem & smart tips for how to make the right decision.  

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About Motion Industries

As the industry leader in MRO (maintenance, repair and operation) repair and replacement parts, Motion Industries is committed to guiding our customers through the EISA transition. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with Baldor and US Motors to create this site and tools to make the EISA transition easy. 

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