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EISA Impact

NEMA Premium UpradesThe EISA mandate will have a major impact on a wide range of industries and facilities across the country.  

The Motor Specialist is here to help wade through compliance issues, address concerns of industry professionals and provide insight and options for customers who need to transition to NEMA Premium Efficiency motors.  

Why Should I Care about EISA

Learn how about EISA will affect you, your motor-purchasing, and budgeting decisions.

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Do I need an upgrade?

Determine if your motor is compliant with new EISA regulations & if you'll need to upgrade.

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The Real Cost of Repairs

Motor rewinds usually result in an efficiency loss of 1%. Learn how quickly those costs can add up.

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Upgrading to EPAct

A group of motors that had been exempt from EPAct must now upgrade. Learn if you're impacted. Read more Read More

Environmental Impact

Improved efficiency doesnt just benefit the bottom line. Learn about EISAs environmental impact.

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Repair or Replace?

Learn about the pros & cons of motor repair and how to make the best decision.

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The Motor Specialist has gathered answers to your major EISA-related questions.

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